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Delivered second B737MAX OR B737 8-200 to Ryanair


After receiving, on June 16, its first Boeing B737MAX, with registration EI-HEN, today Ryanair received its second unit.

This is the EI-HEZ with serial number 62312 that took off from Seattle, with flight number FR82Z, bound for Dublin.

As is known, this delivery happens much later than planned due to re-certification problems and more recently with detected electrical problems.

Ryanair is MAX’s largest European customer, with 210 B737 MAX units on order, 135 firm and 75 in options. He has already indicated that he expects Boeing to “cover the loss of profits” due to the delay in the entry into operation of the new plane.

The previously known B737 8-200, with a capacity to transport up to 197 passenger seats, was developed at the request of the company, not presenting any changes regarding the external dimensions in relation to the 737 MAX 8, but it does present cabin changes that allow you to carry more passengers safely.

The B737 8-200 has been configured with extra exit doors to ensure the safe evacuation of more passengers in the event of accidents and incidents, thanks to the reduced space to 28 inches (71 cm) between them.

Ryanair is the launch customer for the high-capacity 737-8 variant, having placed its first order of 100 planes and 100 options in late 2014, followed by firm orders of 10 planes in 2017 and 25 in 2018.

The 737 8-200 allows Ryanair to customize its aircraft with 197 seats, increasing revenue potential and reducing fuel consumption by 16 percent compared to the airline’s previous aircraft. “Ryanair will continue to play a leading role in our industry when Europe recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and air traffic continues to grow across the continent. We are grateful that Ryanair is once again placing its trust in the Boeing 737 family and building its future fleet with this firm expanded order,” said Dave Calhoun, President and CEO of The Boeing Company. “Boeing remains focused on safely returning the entire 737 fleet in service and delivering the portfolio of aircraft to Ryanair and our other customers. We firmly believe in this aircraft and will continue to work to regain the trust of all our customers,” said Calhoun.