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Azores Airlines cancels Ponta Delgada-Dusseldorf flights due to low demand


Azores Airlines has cancelled air links between Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel, Azores, and Dusseldorf in Germany, scheduled for the end of May, due to “low demand” that the route “continues to register”, it was announced on Thursday.

In a statement sent to the Lusa newsroom, the SATA group said it “will cancel the air operation between Ponta Delgada and the German city of Dusseldorf, scheduled for the summer of 2022, given the low demand that this route continues to register.

This operation was initially scheduled for the end of March 2022, but was later postponed to the end of May, “as a result of successive waves of Covid-19, which caused a drop in bookings in the first months of 2022,” the Azorean airline said.

SATA stresses that “the continuing instability in the aviation sector has caused markets to react in a rather unpredictable and distinctive manner”.

Since the airline already ensures a weekly connection between the Azores and the German city of Frankfurt, “it was considered to be more prudent to suspend this second operation between Germany and the Azores, given the signs that it continues to show,” the statement said.

The airline guarantees that it “has already taken the necessary steps” to “ensure that information is made available to operators and business partners”.

SATA also states that it will proceed to “reaccommodate passengers” so that they can “seek, in time, the best possible alternatives” for their travel plans.